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Statisztikai és marketing
Terms and conditions

The purchase of a ticket to the Event organized by Hungaroring Sport Zrt. (the Promoter) shall constitute acceptance of the following terms and conditions. The purchaser of the ticket may enter into the venue of the Event ( the Venue) in case of acceptance of the following terms and conditions.
  1. The ticket is valid for the Event. The date of the Event and/or the support races may be subject to change without refund of monies or exchange of ticket. No refunds or exchanges are available in respect of tickets unless the Event is cancelled.  No booking charges will be refunded if the Event is cancelled. No tickets are not valid for other events.  Tickets to this Event are strictly non transferable and not for resale.  No ticket for the Event shall be sold or offered for sale for any form of fee or reward without the prior written consent of the Promoter first being obtained and without complying with these terms and conditions in all respects. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to (or eject from) the Venue of any person (a) not complying with these terms and conditions or (b) in possession of a ticket which has been sold or used other than in compliance with these terms and conditions.
  1. No person may use the name of the Event or part thereof (nor any abbreviation or foreign language version thereof) nor any logo or graphic device of or relating to the Event for any commercial purposes whatsoever without the prior written consent of the Promoter.
  1. All tickets must be purchased directly from the Promoter or through an official ticket agency authorized by the Promoter. Any queries in relation to ticket agencies should be referred directly to the Promoter. Any attempt to present any other ticket may lead to refusal of admission to the Venue and possible criminal proceedings. Unauthorised vendors will be prosecuted.
  1. The Promoter reserves the right to alter the seat allocation (if any) without prior notice.
  1. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission and to remove persons from the Venue for any reason.
  1. For your security whilst at the Venue, the Promoter uses CCTV cameras. You consent to any footage that may be taken of you for general security measures. You consent that the Promoter may use or pass to the police any recordings from CCTV footage for use in any proceedings.
  1. For your security whilst at the Venue, the Promoter has the right to search any person entering the Venue without giving any reason whatsoever and to refuse entry to or eject from the Venue any person refusing to submit to such a search.
  1. No animals will be admitted to the Venue or to any car parks. The following articles must not be brought within the Venue: items, tools especially dangerous or hazardous to public safety, as defined in regulations, weapons, cutting or stabbing devices, authoritarian symbols, glass, drone, segway, bicycles, rollers, skateboards, electric or combustion-engine driven motorcycles, pyrotechnics, laser devices, any kind of seats, cooler bags, backpack exceeding 20kgs, non-collapsible umbrellas or parasols, or any other objects which might be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety. The entry of any person in possession of such items will be refused to the Venue by the Promoter.
The allowed quantity of food and beverage to be taken into the Race Track: maximum 0,5 litre of liquid/person (water, soft drink, etc.) and sandwiches in not commercial quantity.
  1. You must not make, create, store, record or transmit any kind of sound recording, visual footage or audio-visual footage, or store, record or transmit any information or other data, including official timing, results, performance, weather or race control data of, at, or in relation to the Event. It is forbidden to take into the Venue any equipment that may enable you to do the aforementioned acts.  Personal electronic devices (including still image cameras, mobile telephones and other handheld personal communications devices) are permitted within the Venue unless otherwise advised, provided that any recording, data and any image, including photographic images and any still pictures derived or capable of being derived from a recording of the Event that is recorded, stored and/or created thereon- including photo and standing picture -  is used for personal/ private / non-commercial purposes only.
  1. As a condition of entry to the Venue you agree that (a) the use of any such recording, data or image for any form of public advertisement, display, commercial gain or for any other purpose (except for your private use) without the prior written consent of the Promoter is strictly forbidden and will constitute a breach of these terms and conditions for which you may be liable; and (b) on request by the Promoter, you shall assign to the Promoter in writing the copyright and all other intellectual property in any image or recording that you create, make, store or record of, at or in relation to the Event and (c) you consent to the use by the Promoter (and by any third party authorized by the Promoter from time to time) for the purposes of or in connection with any publication, exhibition or broadcast (including any advertising or promotional literature, campaign or material) in any media worldwide and approved by the Promoter of any still or moving picture images taken at the Event where such image includes any image of you and you waive any and all of your personality and privacy rights to the extent necessary to permit such use.
  1. You hereby acknowledge that motor racing, the Event and certain activities associated therewith (including without limitation, support events, races) are dangerous. The Promoter, sanctioning bodies, persons involved in the organisation of the Event (including officials, marshals, rescue and medical staff), the competitors and drivers (such parties to include where relevant all directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors and affiliated companies), are not responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused to you or your property to the maximum extent permitted by Hungarian law (save that nothing in these conditions limits or excludes (i) liability for death or personal injury arising out of the negligence of any of the above mentioned parties, or (ii) any damage incurred by way of fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation by any of the above mentioned parties).
  1. Official merchandising is on sale inside the Venue. You must not buy from unofficial vendors.  No goods (including literature) of any nature may be offered either free or for sale by any person within the Venue or any official car parking facility.
  1. Save for official merchandise and other motorsport related clothing worn in good faith, you shall not bring into, use or display within the Venue any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials.
  1. In the interests of public safety, the Promoter reserves the right to request you to leave the Venue at any time for safety reasons. No admission or re-admission is permitted after the end of the Event.
  1. During the Event the noise level may be very high within the Venue. You are advised to wear hearing protection during races and live concerts (if any) to reduce the risk of hearing damage.
  1. While at the Venue you must always keep to the designated paths and access all freestanding banked viewing areas with caution using steps/path as appropriate.
  1. While at the Venue you must maintain safe, prudent and respectful behaviour and comply with all security measures and instructions given to you by any official.
  1. You must keep your ticket safe and in good condition as a duplicate ticket will not be issued if it is lost or stolen and a defaced or illegible ticket may become invalid.
  1. These terms and conditions of sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Hungarian law.