Dear Visitor,
Ostermann Forma 1 Kft wishes to inform you about the following regarding the personal data recorded through our website.  
Ostermann Forma 1 Kft (registered office: 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 3-5., tax number: 12045785-2-41; company registration No.: 01-09-460603) processes your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

  1. The data controller and the persons authorised to perform processing, data protection officer
The data controller is Ostermann Forma 1 Kft.
Ostermann Forma 1 Kft. did not appoint a data protection officer given that it does not perform any processing activity that would require it. 
  1. Legal ground and purpose of data processing
Legal ground of the processing is a legitimate interest.
If this information is not provided, we are unable to fulfil the orders received through the web store.
The purpose of data processing is the identification of users and their differentiation from each other, the communication, to provide more personalised service to users, the right to use certain services, the generation of user statistics, managing of orders and purchases, the fulfilment of the contractual obligations resulting from purchases and the exercising of rights as well as the fulfilment of accounting obligations.
  1. Processed data and duration of the data processing
The personal data to be provided during registration is the name, e-mail address and telephone number.
The duration of the data processing is at least the period specified in the applicable legislation as the preservation period (5, or in the case of an accounting document, 8 years); 2 years in the case of business cards.
Data processing begins with registration. Data voluntarily provided by you will be erased immediately in the event of non-conclusion or termination of the contract. Please note, that the erasure shall not affect the lawfulness of processing perform prior to erasure.
  1. Recipients of the personal data
The employees of Ostermann Forma 1 Kft may access the data provided strictly for the fulfilment of activities arising from their responsibilities and only to the necessary extent.
The personal data are transferred to authorities based on a request or if required by law (in the case of invoices with a VAT amount exceeding HUF 100,000, an online invoice data service will be sent).
We do not make automated decisions on our website, we do not collect personal data about you from third parties. The site uses Google Analytics and Adwords software, only general statistics are generated, no personal identification is possible.
The data processors’ data:
Server service:
  • Name: EV2 INTERNET Kft.
  • Registered office: 1149 Budapest, Róna utca 120-122.
  • Tax number: 13335072-2-42
Website maintenance:
  • Name: Y'SOLUTIONS PRG Kft.
  • Registered office: 2463 Tordas, Szabadság utca 2/B
  • Tax number: 13821191-2-07
Payroll accounting:
  • Name: BésG Számviteli Kft.
  • Registered office: 1196 Budapest, Áchim András u. 77.
  • Tax number: 23403435-2-43
  • Name: Gíra Plusz Kft.
  • Registered office: 1139 Budapest, Fiastyúk u. 44.
  • Tax number: 12376090-3-41
Payment mechanism:
  • Name: SimplePay by OTP Mobil/OTP Mobil Szolgáltató Kft
  • Registered office: 1143 Budapest, Hungária krt. 17-19.
  • Tax number: 24386106-2-42
In addition to the named data processor other third parties may have access to the data in order to fulfil a legal obligation (such as, in particular, an auditor, courier, manufacturer of an accounting program, etc.).
  1. Your rights
  1. You are entitled to request information from Ostermann Forma 1 Kft at any time in relation to the personal data processed by us and detailed in this Notice, the purpose of the data processing, its legal ground and the processing period, as well as regarding who receives or received your data and for what purpose.
  2. You can request Ostermann Forma 1 Kft rectify your incorrect personal data or to supplement your incomplete personal data.
  1. You have the right to object to the data processing at any time.
  1. You are entitled to request Ostermann Forma 1 Kft to restrict data processing at any time. In the event the data processing is restricted Ostermann Forma 1 Kft may only process your personal data, with the exception of the preservation, with your consent either to establish, exercise or defend legal claims or to protect the rights of other persons. You may request the restriction of the processing of your personal data if
  • You dispute the accuracy of the personal data,
  • the data processing is unlawful, you object to the erasure of the personal data,
  • Ostermann Forma 1 Kft does not require the personal data for data processing purposes, but you request the restriction of the personal data for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims
Ostermann Forma 1 Kft shall inform you about the lifting of the restriction on data processing prior to lifting the restriction.
  1. You are entitled to request Ostermann Forma 1 Kft to erase your personal data. Ostermann Forma 1 Kft shall erase your personal data if,
  • Ostermann Forma 1 Kft no longer requires the personal data for the purpose it was collected for or processed,
  • your personal data was processed unlawfully or
  • Ostermann Forma 1 Kft is obligated to erase the personal data for the fulfilment of their legal obligation.
Ostermann Forma 1 Kft shall review the requests relating to data processing within 30 days from their submission, shall make a decision on its merits and shall notify the requestor in writing of its decision. 
  1. Complaint handling
    1. If you feel that Ostermann Forma 1 Kft processed your personal data in a manner not defined in this Notice, or if you were unable to fully excise your rights, please contact us at any of our contact details provided below:
  • in person at our registered office: 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 3-5.,
  • e-mail address: (please include the word ‘Data Processing’ in the subject line of your message)
  • phone: +36 1 266 2040
  1. In the event that your rights relating to your personal data have been violated, you may submit your complaint to the authority at the following contact details:
Authority:              Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Postal address:    1530 Budapest, PO Box: 5.
Address:               1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/c
Phone:                  +36 (1) 391-1400
Fax:                      +36 (1) 391-1410
E-mail address:
  1. In the event that a violation of the law occurs during the processing of your personal data you may also take your case before a court.

I acknowledge the information of Ostermann Forma 1 Kft.