Purchase Guide

Delivery types

       1. Home delivery: you can choose home delivery, which cost 1780 HUF in Hungary. This amount
           have to be paid directly to the courier in cash. Please be aware, that home delivery option is
           only available within the borders of Hungary.
If you live abroad, you should choose the 2nd
           or 3rd option.

       2. Pick up at our office: you can pick up your tickets at our office in Budapest (VÁCI 1 Business Center H-1052 Budapest,
           Deák Ferenc utca 3-5.) against showing the invoice. The tickets are available in our office
           until the last Wednesday before the event. Our opening hours:
                a. Monday-Thursday: 8:00-16:00
                b. Friday: 8:00-14:00
                c. Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

       3. Pick up at the Hungaroring: you can pick up your tickets at Hungaroring race circuit during the
           event (from Thursday until Sunday) against a PDF voucher. This voucher will be sent in the
           beginning of the week of the race via e-mail.


We have some events where we only issue home printable e-tickets (e.g. Ferrari Racing Days, WTCC,
ETRC, RBAR). First you will get an e-mail about the confirmation of the order, after when the payment
is done, you will get your invoice, and in the last e-mail you will have your e-tickets in PDF format.
Please be sure, that the bar code is clearly visible, when you print out the tickets.